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New Year Mindfulness


Start the new year off in a more mindful state with these meditation tips.As we all know, the turn of a New Year can bring with it a whole wave of emotions. Many people look ahead to the next 12 months and make resolutions, vowing to make positive changes in their lives that they did [...]

New Year Mindfulness2021-01-14T19:40:25+00:00

A Mindfulness Refresher


As we near the end of the year, it’s a good time for going back to some mindfulness basics.  Mindfulness is far more than being aware of an experience — it is also understanding why we are aware of it. Mindfulness is the human capacity to process a situation and approach it with kindness [...]

A Mindfulness Refresher2021-01-14T18:58:48+00:00

Tips for Working Moms


As a working mother, life can often feel like a balancing act. You have to stay on top of your career and your work responsibilities, and you also need to support your kids and spend quality time with them. They won’t be little forever! If you’ve been struggling to wear “mom” and “employee” hats [...]

Tips for Working Moms2020-11-12T20:29:50+00:00

Expressing Empathy


Knowing the right ways to show empathy and compassion can serve as useful emotional tools for parents.  The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, while compassion is described as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Just because you are not going through [...]

Expressing Empathy2020-11-06T00:21:38+00:00

Tricks and Treats of Parenting


Happy Halloween! This holiday is sure to be filled with fun tricks and tasty treats, along with lots of pumpkins, witches, and black cats. From trick-or-treating to bobbing for apples, there are so many fun ways to celebrate. Here’s a really unique approach: Take a little time to reflect on the tricks and treats [...]

Tricks and Treats of Parenting2020-10-30T19:12:57+00:00

Learning Better and Faster


The key to learning is first learning how. When we talk about education — whether our own, our children’s or other people’s — we talk a lot about the importance of learning. We talk surprisingly little, though, about how to learn. We fail to address the reasons why learning is hard or wonder if there are things we [...]

Learning Better and Faster2020-10-19T20:47:00+00:00

Developing Skills for Mindful Parenting


Parents have a lot to handle these days. Here are some methods for staying sane when things get real. Becoming a parent and having the opportunity to raise a little one of your own is one of the best gifts that life has to offer. Still, as beautiful as the experience is, there’s a [...]

Developing Skills for Mindful Parenting2020-10-19T20:31:49+00:00

Building Emotional Agility


Reframe how you and your children process feelings to help develop healthy emotional agility. Many people approach their emotional well-being as a zero-sum game. They get it into their heads that the goal is never to feel bad, ever. No bad days, no frustrations, no negative thoughts. If they feel anger, sadness or anxiety at [...]

Building Emotional Agility2020-09-04T17:57:11+00:00

Key Strategies to Help Your Child Transition Back to School During a Pandemic


Change is hard for all of us. Since the onset of COVID-19 in the spring, we have been in a constant state of flux. Families went from routines and always being on the go to sheltering-in-place in their homes. Overnight, work and education went from outside in, shifting from offices and schools to our [...]

Key Strategies to Help Your Child Transition Back to School During a Pandemic2020-08-20T20:27:49+00:00

Safe Fun Family Activities During a Summer Pandemic


Develop new fun activities to spend quality time together as a family this summer. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about the way we live and relate to others. Social distancing is necessary. A lot of conventional summer family activities, like visiting the local pool or attending summer camp, are out of the question [...]

Safe Fun Family Activities During a Summer Pandemic2020-08-12T19:35:45+00:00

Transforming Fear into Courage


Learn how to transform fear into courage with these mindfulness techniques. To feel afraid at times is normal — everyone experiences fear. Learning tools to deal with fear will allow you and your child a stronger voice in life. Fear is an emotion that can help us be cautious. Parents can help kids feel [...]

Transforming Fear into Courage2021-01-14T18:52:50+00:00

Apps to Help With Anxiety, Sleep, and Relaxation


Apps can be a priceless tool. Imagine your child having a coping skill in their pocket that can bring harmony and presence at home or in the classroom. Meditation apps are fostering great results, they can help young ones calm down and help improve focus and concentration. Many environments can be overstimulating. Mindfulness apps [...]

Apps to Help With Anxiety, Sleep, and Relaxation2020-09-25T20:35:05+00:00