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Best Mental Health Program for Kids 2021

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Thankful for Stepping Forward

Our family wants to thank SFCC very much for taking care of us through this COVID-19 crisis. We are so incredibily grateful to SFCC's owners and amazing staff!


A few days ago I picked up my child at SFCC and she had a brown shopping bag with her. She was all excited about having eaten a meal at SFCC that had been prepared by a chef at the premises and even more excited about being ready to duplicate the experience for all of us at home. On Tuesday evening we had a delicious Minestrone Soup, prepared totally by her. It was great to enjoy a healthy soup prepared by our daughter and best of all, she was very proud of doing it and explained in detail all the ins and outs of the whole process! A few days later she backed the muffins for breakfast and yesterday she came up with a quiche.... Thank you for being creative in bringing cooking back into her life, our lives.

Great Program For Anxiety

“After doing my research, I finally came across this wonderful facility that is so amazing and helpful. The staff is second to none and it has to be because of the leadership from the owner. They are all so pleasant and caring! They take pride in what they do. They social skills activities are stellar. I highly recommend this program to anyone who suffers from anxiety and /or any other struggles associated with mental health.”

No longer alone

“I had not heard of any program like this until my son's psychiatrist recommended it. I am blown away by the help our family is getting and have a sense of hope I haven't had in many years. Bree is amazingly helpful, answers ALL of my questions, and smiles no matter how many times I ask the same one. Miss Melissa is understanding and so patient. She never makes us feel like we are asking too much. Miss Liz is nothing short of phenomenal. She has sensible suggestions for every situation and I leave each week so grateful for her dedication, positive attitude and candor with my husband and I. We travel about an hour, each way, 3 days a week, while working full-time and I wouldn't give up our time there for anything. Together with the other counselors (who are also great), Stepping Forward is completely changing the path of our son's life. We are new to this part of the journey and know we have a lot of hard work ahead, but with Stepping Forward, we finally don't feel like we are in it alone. Thank you seems so trite given the magnitude of what SF provides, but it is truly meant.”

Truly Care

“Thank you for the best experience I have had navigating my daughter's unique needs. You have all truly cared for her, but you have also truly cared for me!”

Great with Kids

“My son has been in your program for 4 days. Bree is an above and beyond administrator. Not only she is efficient, organized, friendly, and great working with kids but also, she understands parents' distress and actually help us. A lot of respect to your therapists. I was impressed how quickly and precisely Melyssa and Gabi grasped what is going on with my son at the intake and their understanding of neuro diversified kids. I realized the next day that Melyssa (and Gabi) actually participate in the therapy. Some unwilling clients are taller than her. I can only imagine how exhausting the session is but Melyssa and Gabi were both focused on our case 100% at the intake. You have great staffs and organized and coordinated so well. My husband and I still cannot believe 100% how good you are.”

Above and Beyond

“You will have an incredible experience from start to finish. They really go above and beyond what anyone could possibly expect. A beautiful facility and staff that is all heart.”


“Program and staff are professional, kind, and supportive. Focus on the positive and use a reward system instead of on the negative. Provides parent support and training as well. Staff and program are flexible enough to provide whatever is needed for crisis, transition and long term support. We have worked with them for years and I am so grateful.”

Helped Us Become Better Versions of Ourselves

“I can’t quite put into words how grateful we are to the staff at Stepping Forward for all that they have done for our family. My son has developed such a wonderful bond with his therapist and his face lights up as soon as he sees her. We have seen a tremendous improvement in such a short amount of time and can’t wait to see what his future holds. The entire staff of the center, from the receptionists, administrative staff, and therapists are incredibly warm and welcoming, putting us completely at ease from day one. Not only have they helped my son become the best version of himself, but they have also taught us how to be better parents so that we can help him achieve some truly amazing goals. Thank you again Stepping Forward!”

Safe Environment

“Stepping Forward helped my family tremendously. His teacher, the social workers, the aids, the insurance person, the front desk, all loved my son very much and made me feel safe. Christine the owner spent hours answering all questions through the months and helped me to help my son.”

Positive Reinforcement

“We enrolled our son at SFCC with the hope that this skilled facility could help address the concerns we had with low self-esteem, poor home behavior, unwillingness to attend school and poor friendship skills. Our son started this program in November and by the end of the school year, there has been a tremendous improvement in all areas. SFCC not only works with the child but with the family as well. The techniques used in the program are reinforced at home, which makes a huge difference. They teach the parents how to handle situations and the best positive way to address issues at home. The staff is always willing to listen, help and give positive reinforcement to not only the child but the family as well. The staff at SFCC are simply amazing.”

Drastic Changes

“Staff was very kind and gentle in the way they helped change parts of us that were causing us or others problems. It was always constructive criticism and never just yelling at us. They got me back in school in less than three months and drastically changed my outlook on myself and the world. So for that I would like to say, thank you!”

Modified Programs

“I just have to say that this place is the best yet for my son who is diagnose with Asperger’s. Stepping Forward has been able to modify their program to fit my child’s needs. They are constantly looking out for his best interest and I thank them for all they do.”


“The staff here has been so kind to my family and to my son. I highly recommend this program. They are so helpful and have always accommodates us. Thank you Stepping Forward for everything that you do!”

Parents Learn New Skills

“My son has grown tremendously since attending Stepping Forward Counseling Center’s programs. We use their behavior strategies often and they help to keep him motivated.”

Positive Impact

“They are caring, kind, nurturing and dedicated to each child that attends their program. They go above and beyond to see each child excel and essentially break out of their shell. Our son has made tremendous progress! It is like he is a new kid! He is much more outgoing, his behavior has improved, and has even joined Boy Scouts which would never have happened before SFCC. I cannot begin to thank this amazing program and all the dedicated staff there for the positive impact they have had on him. My only regret is not enrolling him sooner!”

Dedicated Staff

“Amazing staff, kind, caring compassionate and always go the extra mile!”

Raising Confidence Levels

“SFCC has made a great difference in my child’s behavior and confidence level. However, I wish they would have parent classes that are more practical and more convenient for parent’s schedules.”

Amazing Staff

“The staff has been instrumental is helping us work through our issues and develop real solutions to help our child succeed. We owe them so much and are very grateful!”

Appointments Always Available to Discuss Child’s and Family Needs

“Great program. Younger staff needs to feel empowered to share details about child’s progress or at least facilitate getting a status report to parents. Parents are still confused on how to approach for info at end of day. I know to ask and set up my 1:1, but many parents don’t and feel lost. Be transparent about how you want to communicate. They are also super tentative about how to interact with kids which give kids mixed signals. Office staff (BREE!!!!) and tenured counselors are fabulous. Cost is phenomenal for services received if insurance covers. Incredibly positive, beneficial environment with very unique approach. Love your program.”

Best Social Group Counseling

“I’ve taken my son to many social group counseling centers for his special needs. This one, has been the best. My son was struggling at school and making friends. MY son has been with them for 3 years and I have seen him grow so much because of the help the counselors provide. They tail their program to your specific child’s needs. They have very caring staff members. You feel it when you walk in the front door.”

Very Happy

“We have been very happy at SFCC! There is not a lot of place or program where my boy fits in but you guys are awesome with him! Thank you!”

Extremely Grateful

We are so very grateful we found you! Thank you for all you do... not only for my child, but all of them!

Effective Programs

“Stepping Forward Counseling Center is nothing short of amazing. The staff is extremely loving and kind, and are always on top of everything. They are experienced, patient and caring. The environment is safe and the program is effect and specific to every need. Stepping Forward is professional in every aspect and will go above and beyond.”

Top Notch Program

“Stepping Forward is a top notch establishment. They helped our family tremendously. I was surprised to see a negative review. But that person seems to give all local businesses poor reviews…This counseling center will certainly get you stepping forward! A+++!”

Neighboring Elementary Schools Utilize SFCC’s Services

“Scotch Plains School system has allowed us the opportunity to utilize your Summer program which was highly beneficial for my daughter. I would like to continue to use your program either during the week or on Saturdays but it is unaffordable to us. My daughter continues to make progress with your summer programs. I hope the school allows her to continue. We have been very satisfied with her progress, your instructors and your programs.”

Great With Kids With ASD

“The Program Director at the Stepping Forward, Yorba Linda office is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and caring toward children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)!”

Quality Counts

“While it is hard to know what is helping when you are trying several things at once, I was impressed by the quality of the camp. I also liked how the camp had substantial, fun activities for kids when it rained. My son really enjoyed it.”

Like Family

“Stepping Forward is a warm and welcoming place. You are treat like family by everyone. Their level of professionalism is without compare. Their summer program was a lifesaver for my son. You can’t go wrong bringing your child here.”

Life Changing

“This was one of the best experience that my daughter had in her life. They really care for everyone that they service.”

Family and Child sessions

“Always very appreciative of everything SFCC does for both our son and our family.”

Highly Skilled Staff

“Stepping Forward Counseling Center is top notch. The center is warm and friendly. The staff and the owners are highly skilled and compassionate.”

Great Progress

“My son attended their IOP program for six months his year and made great progress. Staff and management are highly dedicated and focused on the kids.”


“Always incredibly available, helpful, compassionate, and trustworthy!! This staff are lifesavers!!”

Trusting Staff

“My daughter was in your program for roughly 11 months. She had gone from being very depressed along with having ADHD, High Functioning Autism and anxiety. During the past 11 months she has learned better ways of dealing with her feelings so instead of harming herself and having suicidal thoughts she has learned how to deal with challenges in a better way. She is getting along with her family better and has a better understanding of herself. She has graduated from your intensive program and we hope she continues on a positive path. As we are now beginning our teenage years with her, I hope we don't have to come back, but if she does need this level of care, I would certainly bring her back to Stepping Forward. We truly trust and appreciate all of your staff.”

Quotes About Our Summer Program

World Renowned Programs

لقد الحقت ابني المصاب بالتوحد و البالغ من العمر 5 سنوات بالبرنامج الصيفي (الصيف الماضي 2017)، و لقد استفاد و استمتع جدا من هذه التجربة! المركز يشعرك بالدفئ و الحميمية والموظفين وديين و رائعين للغاية. الثقافة المتنوعة بالمركز جعلت ابني وعائلتي كلها تشعر ترحيبا كبيرا. “I enrolled my 5-year-old son with autism in the summer program and he absolutely loved it! The environment is very warm and the staff is very friendly. With such diverse culture, my son and my whole family felt most welcomed.”

Specific to your child’s needs

“My son went to this program for summer camp and it was a wonderful experience! The staff is amazing! The growth everyday my son shows me was way more than we ever thought possible. The program is specific to our child and his needs. The staff is so helpful, making sure everything runs smoothly. I can’t say enough good things about this program!!”

Innovative Therapies

“SFCC is a lifesaver for the families of kids with special needs. The ability to attend a camp setting with a therapy focus is unique and nearly impossible to find elsewhere. I will continue to send my daughter to SFCC during the school year and the summer, for as long as she requires the support. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us this summer.”

Teaching Parents

“Extremely warm and loving environment! My life change because of Stepping Forward. They modified their Summer Therapeutic Camp to me the needs of my child. They taught me and my husband how to be BETTER parents. I will be forever grateful to them!”

Loving and Nurturing

“This place is loving, caring, and nurturing. On the first day of camp I had tears in my eyes dropping my son off because every place we’ve gone he’s always kicked out due to his behaviors. Well to my surprise, Jill pulled me over and said “not here he won’t, because this is what we do”, and she hugged me. I was emotional but reassured. Recently my son was suspended from school and both Jill (Clinical Director) and Anne (Counselor) accompanied me to the school to discuss putting together a functional behavioral plan for him. So what I can say is Stepping Forward’s staff will go above and beyond one’s expectation. I am grateful for the assistance and guidance offered to help me to help my son.”

Very Impressed

“We have been nothing short of impressed with Stepping Forward. It's been a game-changer for our family. We continually recommend it to everyone we know who could benefit.”

Directly From the Children

SFCC Believes In You

“I love this program! It has helped me become a better person, each and every person there believed in me. This program teaches you so much, so when you leave you’ll be prepared for anything. The best part is you can come back anytime to learn and become even better. I love this program and anyone else would too.”

Love SFCC’s Program!

“My child loves your program. We definitely have noticed improvements in his behaviors since he started the program.”

Impacting Lives

''I wanted to share a super random comment my child made on Friday evening (totally out of nowhere). He walks in my room and says, “Mom, can you believe such an incredible school like Stepping Forward exists? They’re so good there, I miss them” What a tremendous impact the team has had on my child. Thereafter the program, and I still continue to say THANK YOU!''

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