Child Behavioral Therapy, Teen Counseling Programs

We are experts in providing world-renowned mental health services that help children, adolescents, young adults, and their families improve their quality of life. With more than 20 years of experience, Stepping Forward Counseling Center, LLC (SFCC) is distinguished by its use of an individualized, holistic treatment strategy aimed at promoting emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. SFCC evidence-based treatment approaches strive to foster recovery and wellness as shown by positive changes in behavior and lifestyle.

All programs are customized to meet each child’s individual needs. Clients are grouped according to age. Programs start as young as 18 months through 21 years.


  • PCP Partial Care Day Program
  • IOP Intensive Outpatient After School Program
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

  • Outpatient Counseling (50-70 Minutes)
  • Parenting Programs
  • Respite Care Program
  • Therapeutic Summer Programs/Camp
  • Telehealth Services

Stepping Forward Counseling Center’s treatment model is based on the principles of many different modalities coming together in one. All program participants are on a token system. While SFCC is a holistic center and utilizes many treatment modalities, the one constant is Applied Behavior Analysis. Program participants earn tokens for exhibiting appropriate target behaviors, such as following instructions, giving eye contact for a specified amount of time, saying kind words to others, and expressing feelings, during therapeutic activities. These activities include team-building, drama, expressive and cooperative art, yoga, group therapy, and martial arts. Reinforcing items are tiered, and participants can trade in their tokens for items or activities of their choosing. Research has shown that token systems can be an effective therapeutic tool for individuals with a variety of mental health issues, including schizophrenia (Ayllon and Azrin, 1965), ADHD (Ayllon, Layman, and Kandel, 1975), and ODD (Ayllon and Roberts, 1973).

Stepping Forward Counseling Center utilizes a variety of other evidence behavior-based strategies such as Behavior Therapy in the treatment of phobias, OCD, PTSD, and other anxiety disorders. SFCC employees such techniques as progressive muscle relaxation, deep diaphragmatic breathing techniques, systematic desensitization, exposure therapy, and response prevention. SFCC also utilizes discrete trial teaching, task analysis, and modeling procedures to teach program participants new and appropriate social and life skills.

Stepping Forward Counseling Center offers ABA based training for parents. Training parents in the techniques utilized by SFCC staff helps to ensure the generalization of appropriate skills and the reduction of inappropriate behaviors in the home and community.

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