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Safe Fun Family Activities During a Summer Pandemic

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Develop new fun activities to spend quality time together as a family this summer. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about the way we live and relate to others. Social distancing is necessary. A lot of conventional summer family activities, like visiting the local pool or attending summer camp, are out of the question this year. But that doesn’t mean you and your kids have to sit home feeling bored! Here are some fun, relaxing and educational activities the whole family can enjoy without putting anyone at risk. Create a Scavenger Hunt This is a fun way to structure playtime, teach kids independence and incorporate new knowledge. Hide between five to 10 [...]

Transforming Fear into Courage

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Learn how to transform fear into courage with these mindfulness techniques. To feel afraid at times is normal — everyone experiences fear. Learning tools to deal with fear will allow you and your child a stronger voice in life. Fear is an emotion that can help us be cautious. Parents can help kids feel safe and learn to feel at ease. According to Focus on Family Canada, “As a child matures, old fears are overcome, and new fears arise to take their place. Interestingly, children of similar ages tend to share similar types of fears.” Focus on Family breaks down fears in children according to the age group: Infants and toddlers — [...]

Apps to Help with Anxiety, Sleep and Relaxation

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Apps can be a priceless tool. Imagine your child having a coping skill in their pocket that can bring harmony and presence at home or in the classroom. Meditation apps are fostering great results, they can help young ones calm down and help improve focus and concentration. Many environments can be overstimulating. Mindfulness apps can help reduce the effects by calming the mind. If your child is dealing with social anxiety and their health-related symptoms or disorders such as ADHD, apps can be very beneficial to aid in the reduction of symptoms. In many cases, all that is needed is a quiet room, a soothing voice to guide them, and the sounds [...]

Amazing Summer Family Activities to Try Right Now

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Ah, summer. It’s the season for outdoor fun, especially if you have little ones at home. Sometimes simply playing in the yard or taking a walk around the block can be all the entertainment you need on a nice summer day. It is also fun (and often educational) to try some new summer activities. Here are a few suggestions to keep everyone interested and engaged. Go Berry Picking Find a local farm offering you-pick strawberries, blueberries, or cherries. (Avoid picking raspberries or blackberries with little ones because these plants contain thorns.) Spend a few hours picking berries, all the while explaining to your kids how berries grow. When you get home, you [...]

Learn How You Can Rock as a Father with These Simple Tips.

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Learn how you can rock as a father with these simple tips. As a father, you want what is best for your child. You know you cannot always be perfect. But you want the decisions you make, the actions you take, and the ways you treat your children to make them feel loved and supported. How can you absolutely rock as a father in the 21st century?  Make Family Time a Priority The number one way to be an amazing father is to simply be there. You are thinking of your children while earning money to support them and shopping to put food on the table. But they also need your physical presence [...]

All Children Are Special

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Special needs children offer important lessons to parents and the community. Indeed, the term special needs is associated with disabilities and implores parents as well as stakeholders in the community to ensure their children get special assistance and accommodations for their medical, psychological and learning deficiencies. However, the use of the term special needs has led to the creation of a cloud of darkness over children and is making them feel that their needs can only be addressed if they have certain deficits. All children have special needs at different stages of their development and require effective accommodations to allow them to attain the critical milestones in their life journeys. These needs [...]

Staying Mindful When You Are on the Edge

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Parents continually face stressful situations with the constant demands of work and family. Uncontrolled stress makes it difficult for a parent to respond appropriately when their child acts out. Yelling, spanking and other aggressive or violent punishments can be the result of stress buildup. A moment of uncontrolled anger can permanently compromise your child’s quality of life. Mindful parenting is a long-term solution to stress. When a parent’s emotions threaten to take over, mindfulness techniques help resolve issues in a calm and reasonable way. The Critical Role of Self-Observation for Parents One of the main tenets of mindfulness practice is self-observation. Practitioners take time to observe their thoughts, reactions and feelings. This [...]

Mindful Body Scan for Peace of Mind

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Incorporate this meditative body scan technique to help soothe your family’s collective mind. From the time the alarm clock jolts you out of bed until you lay your head on the pillow at night, you rush from one activity to another. Racing to keep up in today’s world often leaves parents without the energy to respond appropriately to their children. When pressure mounts, parents may resort to a sharp voice as a reaction to their child’s behavior. Not only is this method ineffective, it may cause emotional damage that will impact your child for life. Mindful parenting seeks to calm the mind, relax emotions and restore the ability to reason clearly. Mindfulness [...]

Staying Mindful Through Aggression

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Children acting out aggressively can be emotional for everyone in the family. But mindful parenting techniques may help. On a sunny day, you find yourself seated on a park bench watching your toddler run around and chase a new friend. As you sit chatting with the child’s mother, a sudden piercing cry interrupts your conversation. Both of you race toward the sounds of angry sobs, only to find your little one flailing arms and fists in the face of the other child. Embarrassed and angry, you physically scoop your child up while profusely apologizing to the other parent. For parents of children with aggressive tendencies, this is a common occurrence. While some [...]

Living Mindfully

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Mindfulness is a meditative technique that can help boost the parent-child relationship. Mindfulness is a technique used by many meditation practitioners. The goal of the practice is to bring awareness and consciousness to the present moment. Adherents of mindfulness are able to gain greater insights and better understand their reactions. Mindful parenting focuses on empathetic communication—the ability to express your feelings while considering the emotions of your child on the other side of a conflict. Between maintaining a career and caring for a family, there are many times a parent’s energy and patience runs low with a disobedient or defiant child. When irritations arise, parents often turn to techniques meant to quickly [...]

What No One Tells You About Motherhood – The Small Joys

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Becoming a mother changes you. You are going to be devoted to your children, putting their needs before your own, and fighting fiercely to help them make their way in the world. There will be challenging times and good times. You are going to be busy. But what you may not realize is how many small joys motherhood brings to your life. These small joys — these everyday little things that seem so simple at the time — make motherhood worth all the late nights, lost sleep, and meals eaten on-the-run. Their First Words Your child will eventually talk; most humans do. But for some reason, when your children mumble their first [...]

Mindful Parenting – How to Destress in a Crisis

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These times are challenging, there is no doubt. Focusing on one’s mind in the moment can bring great insight, as it allows one to think clearly about the subject matter at hand. Mindful Parenting is simply an ongoing intention to pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the present moment and taking a pause to re-orientate without the negative attachment. Research has shown that mindfulness goes a long way to help people deal with the aspects of their lives, even under stressful times. Such outcomes of mindfulness remain invaluable to people experiencing stress and handling crises. Parents are not an exception and often find themselves going through moments of stress. Stress [...]