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4 Tips for Dealing with Back Talk

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There’s a long-standing joke amongst parents: We wait with excitement to hear their first words. A few short months after, we will do almost anything for a little silence. Happy childish chatter might make it hard to think, but it’s one of the many things that makes sharing time with your child sweet. What happens when that sweet enthusiasm turns to angry back talk? How can a parent cut through the complex tangle of emotions that causes back talk and restore peaceful order to the family? Why Kids Talk Back Back talk is defined as disrespectful and defiant speech. This can mean anything from a toddler’s screeching protest to a teenager verbally [...]

Mindfulness Techniques To Help Ease Holiday Stress

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Stress is a fact of modern adult life, especially during the holidays. It can be difficult to gather the energy needed to maintain a career, home, family and social life. When your personal reserves are running low, your relationships suffer. In addition to a number of serious physical symptoms, stress contributes to anxiety, anger, irritability and depression. When you’re overwhelmed with these emotions, the normal antics and issues your child participates in could be just enough to send you into an adult tantrum. It’s normal to encounter feelings of stress from time to time. However, it’s important to know how to manage the effects so that your negative emotions don’t compromise your [...]

5 Books About Parenting You Should Read

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Unfortunately, children don’t come with printed instructions. Daily experience is the only real way to master the art of raising a child. However, there are books that provide reliable guidance and information to parents. These five books help parents navigate challenges, build stronger bonds, and gain a better understanding of your child’s inner world. They may not give you all the answers, but you can certainly incorporate elements that will allow you to grow in your role. "Touchpoints" by T. Berry Brazelton and Joshua D. Sparrow This two-volume set is a thorough course in early childhood development. The first volume covers birth to age three, while the second discusses ages three to [...]

4 Ways to Calm Yourself When Dealing With Your Child’s Potent Emotions

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On the parenting rollercoaster of emotion, it often seems that anger is expressed more than any other, and the daily pressures of life don’t make keeping your cool any easier. Once the feeling erupts, it can be hard to control it. Often parents end up lashing out, and then experience guilt and dismay for their actions.   The parent-child relationship is volatile and knowing how to handle tantrums is tough. The reason that children can provoke their parents so quickly is known as the “ghosts in the nursery” phenomenon by scientists. The theory explains why parents unconsciously re-enact the past, because their children stimulate the intense feelings of childhood. It’s challenging for [...]

Giving Your Kids a Childhood: Avoiding the Trap of Snowplow and Helicopter Parenting

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Most of the nation is aware of the recent college admissions scandal – and an overwhelming majority are shaking their heads. It feels like a blatant case of entitlement, but there is something more to consider. A new way of parenting is on the rise, and while the parents’ overall intentions may be good, the results are often negative. Within this new over-involved, overprotective parenting style are two sub-styles: The helicopter parent and the snowplow parent. They are similar in many ways, and both lead to future problems. Stripping away childhood one essential character-building skill at a time How often do you hear adults reminiscing about the good old days – their [...]

What to Do When Your Child Won’t Talk to You

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Open and honest communication with a trusted adult on a regular basis is a key factor in child development. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services compiled a list of recent studies that verify some of the long-term benefits. Adolescents who receive open, validating, and respectful verbal guidance from a parent or mentor are far less likely to use drugs, engage in risky sexual activity, or find themselves in an abusive relationship. However, talking isn't always easy. As bodies evolve from child to biological adult, potent hormonal changes can make your child seem like a stranger. Social problems, developmental delays, and a range of other factors also impact your kid's ability and willingness [...]

5 Ways to Start Teaching Your Child About Empathy

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Mirror neurons in our brains encourage imitation and allow us to share experiences with others. The ability to understand how others feel and think makes it possible to form strong social bonds. Empathy is a complex evolutionary process that makes it possible for the human race to prosper. Empathy is a combination of two specific responses. Affective empathy is the ability to share another’s emotions. Cognitive empathy lets you see things from another’s point-of-view. Help your children make the most of their natural empathic abilities. Affective Empathy: Sharing Emotions Teach young children how to respond appropriately to the emotions of others. Like most things, children learn best through observation. Your child will [...]

14 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your Children

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Automaticity is the neurological process that allows us to drive, walk, and complete other simple and repetitive behaviors without conscious thought. This ability is a large part of habit formation. A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology noted that automaticity could take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to take root. The researchers noted that consistency helped new habits form quickly. Choosing simple, clear, and trackable goals is the best way to stay consistent. Encourage your child to adopt these tiny changes to their daily routine to realize some big long-term rewards. Fine-Tune Morning Routines Your morning sets the tone for the whole day. Get your family off on [...]

5 Reason Your Kids Don’t Like You, and Why It’s Okay

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Being a parent comes with many duties. You are charged with the sacred duty of feeding, clothing, and teaching your child how to live in the world as a productive and satisfied member of the community. However, your job is not to be your child's friend. Of course you want your child to like you. But that shouldn't be the goal of your parenting strategies. Here are five things parents do that drive children crazy and the reasons why that's perfectly okay. Saying No No one wants to be denied a desired pleasure. So, it's understandable when a child launches into a disappoint-fueled tirade when you respond negatively to a request. Rather [...]

Positive Reinforcement Versus Negative/Punitive Reinforcement.

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Parents are responsible for the well-being of their children on a variety of levels. This includes teaching them how to properly observe rules that keep them safe, support strong communities, and help them grow into productive adults who can work with others to achieve common goals. When a child misbehaves or chooses to ignore these rules, parents need to institute punitive measures to correct the behavior. There is an endless list of parenting philosophies that claim to show parents how to discipline their children in the most effective way. Methods range from emotional coaching techniques that encourage children to recognize and logically analyze their feelings to old-fashioned corporeal punishments like spankings. In [...]

Child Raising vs Parenting: What’s the Difference and Why it Matters

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In some ways, being a parent is like planting a garden. The way you approach your task dictates your possible results. The more positive energy you put into your goal, the more likely you are to be rewarded with strong and healthy fruit. Most modern parenting advice falls into two categories: child raising and parenting. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they acutally represent two diametrically opposed viewpoints. In the garden analogy, these farmers will find themselves with vastly different results at harvest time. Child Raising vs Parenting: What's the Difference? In the early 20th century, child psychology was limited to its effects on a child's social behavior. Issues of hygiene, [...]

Why Do They Whine? 5 Ways to Change the Behavior

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Whining is a problem for almost every parent. When children don’t get their way, whining is often a last-ditch effort to get you to change your mind. Those long, high-pitched protests from your child can instantly raise the blood pressure of even the most patient guardian. Uncontrolled, these displays can spread stress through the entire family unit, causing disruptive behaviors in siblings and tension between adult members. But WHY???? When a child whines, they are asking for attention. They need your help. For younger children and those with limited verbal skills, it can be difficult to clearly express a need or desire. When the squealing starts, it’s important to find the root [...]