Parenting Self-Care

Understanding 7 Challenging Child Behaviors


Raising a child is exciting. They are filled with excitement and curiosity as they learn new things and discover the world around them. This is also the stage when they realize that they are separate from their caregivers (like their parents) and feel a sense of independence. As a result, they are more assertive and [...]

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10 Ways to Connect With Your Child Every Day


Have you ever seen your child trip and hurt their knee at the park? What’s the first thing that they do before they start crying? Yep, they search for you – their protector. It is instinctive for a child to connect to their parents for safety and security in moments like this. As a parent, [...]

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How to Raise a Resilient Kid


Why is it that some kids flourish even in the face of adversity? It’s resilience. This is an important trait to cultivate in your child at a young age so they are able to overcome major stumbling blocks later on in life. Raising resilient children is something that you need to focus on so that [...]

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How to Stop Your Toddler from Throwing Things


The next thing toddlers do after learning how to open their fingers and use their hands to pick things up, is to throw anything they can get their hands on. Toddlers throwing things is pretty common; it is actually a crucial part of their fine-motor skills development. For parents however, it can be one of [...]

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Parenting After COVID


How parents can ease back into mindfulness after many months of intense pandemic anxiety.  The COVID-19 pandemic has tested all of us — from the young to the old, to the sick and the healthy — no one has been un-impacted by the implications of our current global health crisis. And while we have [...]

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Mindful Dads


Fathers can also greatly benefit from mindful communication with their children. Being present and practicing mindfulness with children is easier said than done. While new mothers are traditionally expected to be mindful, fathers are often understudied and overlooked when it comes to the relationships they form and nurture. While there is little research that [...]

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Benefits of a Mindful Mom


Learn how practicing mindfulness can help with some of the stresses of motherhood. Nothing in the world can fully describe the emotional roller-coaster that is motherhood. Motherhood marks a new chapter in a woman’s story and brings with it a new sense of purpose and meaning to life. Mothers experience a myriad of new [...]

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A Special Kind of Stress


Calming techniques for the chaos and anxiety of special needs life. Raising a child with special needs is a challenging task that can drain parents, especially when effective coping methods are absent. Brain development in children is a complex process that depends on several factors, including nutrition, social interaction, and engaging in numerous activities. [...]

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How to De-stress in a Crisis


These times are challenging, there is no doubt. Focusing on one’s mind in the moment can bring great insight, as it allows one to think clearly about the subject matter at hand. Mindful Parenting is simply an ongoing intention to pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the present moment and taking a pause [...]

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Wellness Tips for Parents Working at Home


As days pass, the Novel Coronavirus continues to account for the dysregulation of the lives of a significant portion of the global population. This has triggered feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear among people regardless of their cultures, genders, or ages. As a matter of fact, the phenomenon poses a great cause for discord [...]

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4 Ways to Calm Yourself When Dealing With Your Child’s Potent Emotions


On the parenting rollercoaster of emotion, it often seems that anger is expressed more than any other, and the daily pressures of life don’t make keeping your cool any easier. Once the feeling erupts, it can be hard to control it. Often parents end up lashing out, and then experience guilt and dismay for their [...]

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The Importance of Connecting Daily With Your Kids


Today’s lifestyle is focused on electronic connections. The amount of screen time has exploded along with the information age. Studies show that teens spend approximately nine hours a day in front of screens. Kids aged 8-12 get about six hours of screen time each day, creating a society that is being raised in a digital [...]

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