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Touch, Move
and Inspire

Stepping Forward Counseling Center, LLC works with children and young adults to help them resume and sustain a normally functioning and successful lifestyle. 



Our Mission is to Touch, Move and Inspire to all whom we come in contact with. Stepping Forward is our mission. We do this by teaching the mind to think, the hands to work and the heart to love. 

Our Focus

SFCC provides mental health services that include child psychiatry, child counseling, behavior therapy, CBT, DBT, and other modalities. We help children, young adults and their families improve their quality of life. 

Behavioral Therapy
Target Audience

Our target audience includes children and young adults up to 21 years of age and their family members who want to make a difference in their lives. The children and young adults experience challenges with neuro-biological disorders, emotional issues or mental illnesses.

Our expertise lies in our innovative approach to diagnosing and treating young people who are challenged with anxiety, depression,  ADD / ADHD, ODD,  OCD, bi-polar, and other emotional and mental disorders.

Core Strategies

At the core SFCC offers unique strategies that help individuals recognize, learn and take responsibility for their behaviors.

SFCC operates on the premise that gaining mastery of appropriate behaviors and thoughts leads to self motivation. The team is passionate about equipping our clients with the knowledge and tools that encourages mindfulness of their behaviors and thoughts.  
  • Confidently use coping strategies for living each day to its fullest and reaching for dreams and living their lives. 
  • Build upon their existing and newly discovered strengths and using them to make decisions for positive outcomes.
  • Know himself or herself as someone who is empowered to utilize this knowledge effectively.
  • Build motivation, self confidence and compassion. 
  • Teach them to be intentional and mindful.
  • We put children at ease and provide coping strategies to help them build friendships.

Core Beliefs

Education & Participant Resources

Topics Include 

Minimal Use of Pharmacological Intervention-Based Therapies

Recognizing that clients seek more than simple symptom relief. SFCC provides ongoing communication and education for client-partners, their families and the community, through workshops, seminars and guest speaker programs. A key goal is to provide necessary information so that the client-partners and their families have the tools to be active participants in their own treatment options. 
Linking Home, Educational Settings and SFCC After-School Therapy Program, Functional Behavior Assessments, Self-Monitoring Skills, Parent Management and Sibling Support Education and Training, Medication Education and Management, Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention, Training Community about Mental Health, Education & Training Therapeutic After School Program, How to create effective 504 Plans, Co Parenting Training, Job Coaching, School Personnel Training, Peer Mentoring, Life Skills Coaching, and Transformational Seminars.
SFCC chooses to use alternatives to the pharmacological treatment approaches as a first treatment option. After the completion of a treatment cycle (every 2-3 months), SFCC, in collaboration with treatment providers, conducts re-evaluation sessions with the client and their family to assess the success and level of control of their life without pharmacological intervention. 
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