Parenting 101

Journaling: Secret to Student Success


Learn about all the potential benefits mindful journaling offers to students. Parents looking to make the most of their child’s educational experience may want to encourage the use of the mindfulness tool, journaling. Some of the benefits of journaling include reduction of anxiety, improved grades, students become more invested in studies, and journaling ultimately [...]

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Why Punishment is Ineffective and What You Can do Instead


Punishment is one of the oldest forms of discipline known to humans. It’s no surprise that parents turn to it as a form of controlling the behavior of their children and make sure they are not being unruly or disobedient. But does punishing really work? Is this the best approach to instilling discipline in your [...]

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Post-Pandemic Mindfulness for Kids


Helping children cope with the effects of living through a pandemic with mindfulness tips and tools.  With a phenomenon as wide-reaching as the COVID-19 pandemic, it is nearly impossible to know the full extent to which communities across the globe have been disrupted. The loss of life has been as staggering as it has been [...]

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Back to School Mindful Organization


Keep organized with these mindfulness tools during the back-to-school season. Throughout the pandemic, mindfulness has become a key practice for many parents. As lockdowns set in, it became much more important to focus on the small things that brought us joy, instead of grieving for those things we had lost. Now that parts of [...]

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Interpersonal Mindful Parenting


Two new studies offer insights on how mindfulness techniques may impact parenting. Mindfulness starts with awareness. With the following questions having no correct answers, reflect on them as you read this article. By being mindful of our behaviors, we can be less reactive and more resourceful in our choices. Never True Rarely True [...]

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A Campfire Story


A tale of “The Two Wolves” is a helpful allegory to help guide our pursuit of mindfulness.  An old Cherokee Indian is huddled around a campfire with his grandson, with only the shine of the moon and hum of the turning world for company. “A fight is going on inside me,” the Cherokee said [...]

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Tips for Working Moms


As a working mother, life can often feel like a balancing act. You have to stay on top of your career and your work responsibilities, and you also need to support your kids and spend quality time with them. They won’t be little forever! If you’ve been struggling to wear “mom” and “employee” hats [...]

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Expressing Empathy


Knowing the right ways to show empathy and compassion can serve as useful emotional tools for parents.  The definition of empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, while compassion is described as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. Just because you are not going [...]

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Tricks and Treats of Parenting


Happy Halloween! This holiday is sure to be filled with fun tricks and tasty treats, along with lots of pumpkins, witches, and black cats. From trick-or-treating to bobbing for apples, there are so many fun ways to celebrate. Here’s a really unique approach: Take a little time to reflect on the tricks and treats [...]

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Learning Better and Faster


The key to learning is first learning how. When we talk about education — whether our own, our children’s or other people’s — we talk a lot about the importance of learning. We talk surprisingly little, though, about how to learn. We fail to address the reasons why learning is hard or wonder if there are things we [...]

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Developing Skills for Mindful Parenting


Parents have a lot to handle these days. Here are some methods for staying sane when things get real. Becoming a parent and having the opportunity to raise a little one of your own is one of the best gifts that life has to offer. Still, as beautiful as the experience is, there’s a [...]

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Building Emotional Agility


Reframe how you and your children process feelings to help develop healthy emotional agility. Many people approach their emotional well-being as a zero-sum game. They get it into their heads that the goal is never to feel bad, ever. No bad days, no frustrations, no negative thoughts. If they feel anger, sadness, or anxiety at [...]

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