Mindfulness Parenting For All

5 Tips for Emotional Regulation


Help your child regulate emotions with these simple mindfulness tips. Teaching children emotional regulation is essential for ensuring that they can move through life without emotional outbursts that leave them feeling out of control. Emotional regulation is fundamental to developing autonomy, building healthy relationships and achieving goals. It is an important skill to build [...]

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Guide to a Healthy Mind


Learn some insightful tips for keeping the mind in an optimal state. There are many approaches to mental health, and finding the one that fits you is a journey. By deliberately reappraising and recalibrating our thinking, we can change the way we feel and create an optimistic view of our world. Our lives are [...]

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Gaming Insights


Learn how to set healthy limits for your video-gaming kids. Over the last several years, there has been a steady upward trend in the amount of time our children spend engaging in video game play. As a parent, you may find yourself questioning how to monitor and set limits on video game use without [...]

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Being a Nutritionist: What it is Really Like and the Ways in Which it Helps People


As a high school student struggling with my relationship with food both mentally and physically, Mulvey has definitely been a positive influence on my eating habits. She has helped me find foods I like to eat and even made me interested in eating again, which no one had been able to do. By helping [...]

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Metta Love


Metta meditation offers a boost of love for you, the kids, and the world. Loving-kindness meditation, or Metta meditation, is an ultimate form of generosity, selflessness, and love toward ourselves and others. In fact, Metta is a Pali word for benevolence, friendship, affection, and kindness. The Dhammapada says, “Hatred cannot co-exist with love and [...]

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Key to 2023


Why mindfulness is an essential skill of the new year. Navigating the modern world is not easy — our culture places excessive demands on our time and attention, often pulling our focus away from those nearest to us and even away from our personal health and well-being. Technology dominates every aspect of our lives. [...]

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Holiday Mindfulness


With the festive season fast approaching, it’s incredibly important for parents to give themselves the time and space to prepare for the upcoming challenges. For adults, the holiday season can be incredibly overwhelming. We are exposed to a constant stream of advertising, our communities and homes are dressed up in the brightest, boldest colors [...]

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Teaching Gratitude


Learn some research-backed tips for fostering a thankful child.  Wanting to raise a thankful child has its challenges. The entitlement cultural narrative can be a significant challenge in your quest. Has your child been given a birthday gift or invited to a friend’s party? You know they really liked the gift or party, and when [...]

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Tricks and Treats of Mindfulness


How mindful parenting can help develop a healthier parent-child relationship. It can be very challenging to raise a young family. If you have found yourself losing your patience and overreacting when your child says or does something unacceptable, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are ways to modify your parenting style and create a [...]

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All About Mindful Parenting


Why you should consider parenting mindfully. If you have ever found yourself reacting more harshly than necessary when dealing with your child only to feel remorseful later on, you are not alone. Mindful parenting is a parenting strategy that focuses on stopping a negative interaction in its tracks before it occurs and reframing the [...]

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Goal-Setting for the School Year


How to help your kids achieve goals in the new school year with a sensory vision board. Does your child have ADHD, autism, anger problems, or other issues that get in the way of effective learning? If so, you’re not alone. Many parents struggle with helping their kids succeed academically. The good news is [...]

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Mindful Travel


Have a soothing summer vacation with the help of these six mindfulness exercises for traveling with kids. Family vacations can be magical, creating memories that last for a lifetime. Unfortunately, traveling with children can be challenging too. Your children may experience new places and new people while also trying novel things. Occasionally, this induces [...]

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