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Living Mindfully

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Mindfulness is a meditative technique that can help boost the parent-child relationship. Mindfulness is a technique used by many meditation practitioners. The goal of the practice is to bring awareness and consciousness to the present moment. Adherents of mindfulness are able to gain greater insights and better understand their reactions. Mindful parenting focuses on empathetic communication—the ability to express your feelings while considering the emotions of your child on the other side of a conflict. Between maintaining a career and caring for a family, there are many times a parent’s energy and patience runs low with a disobedient or defiant child. When irritations arise, parents often turn to techniques meant to quickly [...]

What No One Tells You About Motherhood – The Small Joys

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Becoming a mother changes you. You are going to be devoted to your children, putting their needs before your own, and fighting fiercely to help them make their way in the world. There will be challenging times and good times. You are going to be busy. But what you may not realize is how many small joys motherhood brings to your life. These small joys — these everyday little things that seem so simple at the time — make motherhood worth all the late nights, lost sleep, and meals eaten on-the-run. Their First Words Your child will eventually talk; most humans do. But for some reason, when your children mumble their [...]

How to De-stress in a Crisis

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These times are challenging, there is no doubt. Focusing on one’s mind in the moment can bring great insight, as it allows one to think clearly about the subject matter at hand. Mindful Parenting is simply an ongoing intention to pay attention to thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the present moment and taking a pause to re-orientate without the negative attachment. Research has shown that mindfulness goes a long way to help people deal with the aspects of their lives, even under stressful times. Such outcomes of mindfulness remain invaluable to people experiencing stress and handling crises. Parents are not an exception and often find themselves going through moments of stress. [...]

Wellness Tips for Parents Working at Home

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As days pass, the Novel Coronavirus continues to account for the dysregulation of the lives of a significant portion of the global population. This has triggered feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear among people regardless of their cultures, genders, or ages. As a matter of fact, the phenomenon poses a great cause for discord within families. Considering the naivety of children, it is the role of their parents to prevent them from panicking or living risky lifestyles that make them vulnerable to this contagion. First, parents should maintain calmness and reassure their children that everything will be okay. Typically, youngsters react to situations based on their parents’ verbal and non-verbal cues. [...]

Developing Social and Emotional Skills in Children With Autism

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We rely on social and emotional skills to navigate everyday life with our families, co-workers, and friends. This is as true for individuals with autism as it is for others. Children with autism deal with a unique set of challenges when it comes to developing social and emotional skills. As a family, there are steps you can take to guide your child with autism through their development. There are also strategies you can employ to enhance your own emotional development as the parent of a child with autism. Helping Your Child with Autism Develop Socially and Emotionally The development of social and emotional skills is a process. It is a collaborative effort. [...]

Parenting and Screen Time

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Why Parents Should Make Screen-Time Limits a Priority. The amount of screen time in the United States has been increasing over the past five years. Data from a recent survey by the Nielsen Company, postulates that the average screen time in the United States is 10 hours and 39 minutes. This includes time spent on computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions and video games. The number of accessible devices that individuals have, has also been increasing. In reference to the Nielsen report, over the past two years, there has been an hour increase in the amount of screen time individuals partake in. Negative Impact on Children Data shows that exposing young children to [...]

Secrets to Camp Success

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What Parents Need to Know When Preparing Their Children for Camp By Anthony Cupo In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness on the need to expose children to camping activities. Exposing children to camps increases their sense of self-reliance, ambition, adventure, optimism, and self-esteem. Camps offer unique opportunities that enable children with varying abilities to distance themselves from daily stressors. Such a favorable environment enables children to explore their individuality. Gaining in-depth insights about themselves increases their sense of autonomy and responsibility. Children often spend most of their formative years in the same neighborhoods, reducing the diversity of their daily interactions. Camps provide children with a suitable platform [...]

What It Means to Be a SUPER PARENT in 2020

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The new year offers an opportunity to refocus and reprioritize. For working parents, that means taking some time to think about your family dynamic. If 2019 was a year of challenges, confusion, or frustration, the new year is a chance to switch up your routines. You can find a better way for your family members to support and relate to each other. Traditionally, parents depend on information from friends, family, and community members to formulate parenting plans. This information isn’t always as helpful as it seems. Even the most well-meaning advice can be rooted in ignorance, superstition, or culturally sanctioned trauma responses. Rather than depend on inaccurate sources, look to psychologists and educational [...]

6 Must-Have Parenting Books and Why

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Like the saying goes, babies don’t come with instruction manuals. New parents are often left to figure things out for themselves, using a mix of personal experience and advice from friends and family. Even practiced parents struggle as they try to guide their children through crucial stages of development. Here are six parenting books that offer trustworthy information and practical solutions for families with children of all ages and abilities. The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind This book uses modern neurobiology to help parents understand their children’s developmental stages. It presents 12 ways to encourage healthy intellectual and emotional growth in children. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: [...]

How to Create Family Goals for the New Year

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Are your New Year’s resolutions ready? You know goal setting helps you create the life you want. This new year, create some family goals to teach your children the value of self-discipline. The Basics of Family Goal Setting Just like your favorite professional sports team, your family needs to work together to be its best. Family goal setting helps each individual give their best effort toward the success of the whole family. It's important for everyone in the family to be involved with goal setting for many reasons. These goals: Illustrate the defining characteristics of your family. Represent the family’s highest ideal of their collective and individual potential. Give parents a [...]

4 Tips for Dealing with Back Talk

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There’s a long-standing joke amongst parents: We wait with excitement to hear their first words. A few short months after, we will do almost anything for a little silence. Happy childish chatter might make it hard to think, but it’s one of the many things that makes sharing time with your child sweet. What happens when that sweet enthusiasm turns to angry back talk? How can a parent cut through the complex tangle of emotions that causes back talk and restore peaceful order to the family? Why Kids Talk Back Back talk is defined as disrespectful and defiant speech. This can mean anything from a toddler’s screeching protest to a teenager verbally [...]

Mindfulness Techniques To Help Ease Holiday Stress

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Stress is a fact of modern adult life, especially during the holidays. It can be difficult to gather the energy needed to maintain a career, home, family and social life. When your personal reserves are running low, your relationships suffer. In addition to a number of serious physical symptoms, stress contributes to anxiety, anger, irritability and depression. When you’re overwhelmed with these emotions, the normal antics and issues your child participates in could be just enough to send you into an adult tantrum. It’s normal to encounter feelings of stress from time to time. However, it’s important to know how to manage the effects so that your negative emotions don’t compromise your [...]