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JUNE 18 - AUG 24 2018

Behavior Modification
Token Economy
Modeling  + Rehearsal Training
Individual Behavior Therapy
Psychiatric Consultation + Therapy
Social and Emotional Skill Training

Doc's Joc's Sports
Therapeutic Drama
Art Therapy
Music Therapy
Movement Therapy
Thursday Generalization of Social Behavior Trips
Friday Progress Appointment with Parents

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To register:

  1. Please fill out the application completely.
  2. Send check /credit card information for $300 processing fee with the application. Please note the $300.00 processing fee must be included with the application.
  3. We will call and set up an Intake appointment once we have completed applications.

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Creator: Dr. Henry J. Kandel Ph.D., is an experienced Sports Psychologist with a proven program design for special needs children. Because of his track record, the program has been published in professional journals as a highly effective program for other professionals to model. Learn social skills, make friends, have fun! Enjoy many activities such as: Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Swimming, Yoga, Drama, Academic Programs, Arts & Crafts, Video Game Competition Camp Out, Color War, Field Trips, Kayaking / Sailing, Rock Climbing, Helicopter Rides, and so much more.

Programs offered:

  • Chatham NJ Day C.A.M.P.
  • Irvine Ca. Day C.A.M.P.

Note: After-Care is limited to only 5 clients/campers, please call ahead at 973-635-6550

1:3 Staff to client Ratio Hand- selected graduate students and professionals in Special Education, Psychology, Physical Education and Recreation Therapy.

Please feel free to contact us in NJ 973-635-6550 or CA 949 333 1209 with any questions or to set up a time for us to meet with you and your child personally.

  Summer C.a.m.p.-  Clinically advanced multi-modality program

Our C.A.M.P is designed by our staff to accomplish goals in environments where our clients can have the most fun.  The data proves it works! The key to our program's success lies in its commitment to your child's success to the treatment plan.  The base of the program is the same as in all our programs.  Data driven evidence based treatment. 

We teach the mind to think, the hands to work, the heart to love. Stepping Forward Counseling Center LLC Therapeutic Social Skills Summer Program. Recreational Therapeutic Program Play and Learn with us this Summer! Join us for a summer of sun, fun and friends at our inclusive summer camp. Achieve goals, conquer fears, build confidence and self-esteem, and develop an enthusiasm for life while learning social and emotional skills that will last a lifetime. 

Each summer program runs for 8-9 weeks where we ask our clients to commit to at least 2 consecutive weeks minimum for results.  The programs that we offer are Chatham Day Program, Nutley Day and Irvine California Day Program.

Our clients improve in areas of :

  • Self-esteem
  • Social Behavior
  • Rule following
  • Friendship skills
  • Classroom Behavior
  • Home Behavior
  • Academic Competence
  • Anger Control
  • Problem-solving skills
  • SFCC summer program is custom to your child's needs!