​Stepping Forward Counseling Center, LLC

  • After School Comprehensive   Social Skills
  • IOP -Intense-out-patient multi modalities , interventions (3hours min x 3 days)
  • Partial Care- individualized plan 4-5 days per week
  • Psychiatrist Out-Patient Services
  • "ABA" social skills -
  • Summer Program- Multi modalities-
  • Parent Training
  • Saturday leadership program
  • intense Outpatient programs 

Open House -

collaboration with treatment providers, conducts re-evaluation sessions with the client and their family to assess the success and level of control of their life without pharmacological intervention.

Summer Program ​

are intense, fun and rewarding.Our client/ campers improve in areas of :Self-esteem,Social Behavior,Rule following,Friendship skills,Classroom Behavior,Home Behavior,Academic Competence,Anger Control,Problem-solving skills. SFCC summer program is custom to your child's needs!

Stepping Forward Counseling Center’s programs are set in different environments that call for a variety of “natural” social skills. 

These environments include Doc’s Jocs Sports, School Matters, Manners Matter, Art, Yoga, Swimming and Social Skills/Group Therapy and much more. The client has 7 objectives, 4 pertaining to the group and 3 pertaining to the individual. The clients are assessed on their performance on these 7 objectives throughout the three or four environments the individual engages in each day. The objectives can be but are not limited to impulse control, cooperation, adapting to losing, concentration, sharing and the art of conversation. Since the environments are closely similar to the client’s natural environments, it is more likely that the behaviors taught at SFCC will generalize to the individual’s natural setting.

These environments/groups are from 30 to 45 minutes long and the activities occur on different weeks of the month. During the groups, individuals can be redirected for individual therapy or mentoring, or for family intervention based on crisis.

SFCC uses a behavioral program to build incompatible appropriate behaviors which compete and replace inappropriate behaviors.

Autism "ABA"

is a division of SFCC that offers a state of the art 1:1 early intervention day program starting at 18 months of age.  SFCC programs also offer "ABA" Social Skills starting at 4 years of age.  Our custom "ABA" programs are designed to support the individualized needs of our clients.

Psychiatrist out-patient services

specialize in children, adolescent and family treatment and focuses on mental health needs in addition to offering a holistic approach to treatment. Minimal use of Pharmacological Intervention-Based Therapies.

SFCC opts to use alternatives to the pharmacological treatment approaches as a first treatment option.   After the completion of a treatment cycle (every 2-3 months), SFCC, in

Partial care

is designed to serve individuals who desire an intensive level of care to prevent inpatient hospitalization or to follow up after inpatient hospitalization.

Our after school programs focus on social skills, study skills, organization, and role-playing.  OUR clienTS improvement in Self-esteem, Social behavior and more.

Outpatient program for acute & non-acute mental illnesses, including crisis intervention.

a) the children will arrive and see their goals and points sheets
b) next up is "Manners Matter"  during which they will have their snacks (packed from home so that there are no concerns about nutritious restrictions).
c) then they will have a brief "Wiggles Out" few minutes followed by a
d) "Clearing and Focusing" pre-study activity and finally, now primed and in the zone,
e) "Homework STUDY SKILL time"

a) the children will review their goals and get their "Points".
b) they will sit in a circle and have a "Check In" about their day - which includes what is on their mind and what the are feeling
c) the social skills "Topic" will be stated and the children will go around and "Share" on it
d) "Role-Playing" on material that comes out of the share will be used to teach positive social skills.
e) An "Art" or "Journaling" activity on the same theme as the day's topic will be facilitated.
f) "Points" will be given for goals met

a) an "Activity" or sport that gets their bodies moving around will round out the day.   

This might be: yoga, kickboxing, music, and dance, etc...)
b) "Points" will be calculated. 

c) "Rewards" will be given where earned. 
d) "Goodbyes"

    Individual therapy, family therapy, parenting workshops and support groups will also occur as needed and as appropriate.  As the groups develop, we will be adding more days to our scheduling.

Our Parent Training Sessions ​

teach parents how to reinforce these skills in the home to further increase generalization of the skills taught at SFCC

SFCC provides a comprehensive menu of integrated, therapeutic treatment programs, self-esteem building, and educational services that are effective, culturally competent, client friendly and delivered with a wellness and recovery orientation. 

Our client-partners participating in this specialized program leave SFCC with a renewed sense of self and a recovery plan devoted to maintaining optimum health while continuing to nurture and allow for growth of the creative self.

Our programs include a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, treatment planning and case management.  SFCC uses a behavioral program to build incompatible appropriate behaviors which compete and replace inappropriate behaviors.

SFCC offers a variety of custom programs based on the need of our client.  Our other programs include: After School IOP, social skills, Partial Care- Day program, Psychiatrist out-patient services, Autism "ABA," family, parenting therapy and workshops.

Programs offered