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Is there a right way to raise your children?  What is normal ?Are there hard and fast rule about what will work in your home, with your particular family, your child’s unique personality, the circumstances you are in, the luck or challenges that come your way?  Money alone can’t fix a serious problem. However you can raise an excellent human being by being a teacher, loving parenting, role model.  After all your child may not be very good at listening to you but they never fail to imitate you. Consistently teaching your values will usually result in your children having the same values... but not always. Because above and beyond everything else, our children come to us with inherent qualities that we cannot special order, request, or cross off a list as undesirable.

​This blog is to help you with ideas to implemtent in your home, school. It is to help you raise children who have grit , and good morale values.  

​Anthony Cupo

There is a saying that goes something like this: if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. When managing anything outside the home, you make a plan and organize a task, group, or project. Why should managing a family be any different? It might even be argued that "successful" family management can only be achieved if you plan, implement, evaluate the results, and adjust the plan. This is especially true if you have one or more children with special needs. If you share the family management with another parent in the home, it is a good idea to be collaborative in this project rather than one or the other parent being the one trying to be "the authority." Successful family management also takes place when children get to participate in the process you have designed for managing how your family will operate. 

Two of the biggest problems affecting families today are parents being tired and stressed out. The fallout from these issues can be lessened or even eliminated for the most part by creating a family management plan and acting on it. For example: if both parents work, having a plan for dinner and a routine for every member of the family for the evening, reduces stress. Not knowing what is for dinner, and generally trying to get everyone to do what you think they should do is a recipe for chaos, more stress, and unhappiness. It can really feel like herding cats. A plan for managing your family will not be perfect, or create a family system without fault, but it will put into place a structure that every member of your household responds to and eventually come to appreciate.

The management plan should have input from every member.

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